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Drive Greater Sales through Targeted Marketing While Enhancing Brand Awareness

Online Marketing, sometimes called Internet Marketing or Online Advertising or Web Advertising, refers to methods, tactics and strategies companies use to drive greater awareness of and communicate its brand, products and service offerings to the public via the Internet. These advertising and marketing efforts could assume various forms, examples of which are: online advertisement banners, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thus, they complement traditional advertising means such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers.

Mobile is Changing the World!

Internet penetration is increasing globally while technological advancements are driving down prices for tablets, smart phones, and laptops. This makes gadgets especially smart phones essential for daily communications much more affordable, to the extent that their ownership is overtaking that for personal computers in many countries. Meanwhile, a multitude of new apps and social networking platforms are sprouting up every other day. All these translate into a seemingly complex and constantly evolving online media landscape delivered across an expanding array of devices that possess internet connectivity in the emerging era of Internet of Things (IoT).

The increasing importance of mobile devices is evident in the greater significance put on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in Google Search as part of Google’s algorithm update that started on 21 April 2015. The implications are huge, sparking a “Mobilegeddon” because potentially more than 40% of Fortune 500 websites are affected and only 32 of the FTSE 100 websites use ‘responsive’ web design according to TechCrunch and The Search Agency UK respectively. Fortunately, Google has provided some guidance with its Mobile-Friendly Test tool and multi-screen guidelines.

Grow Your Business While Navigating the Online Maze

Look around you in your daily commute and interactions. Many of you would agree that more people are carrying smart phones today than ever before and the trend is set to continue. This also means that for many of us, internet access is following us everywhere we go – in our mobile devices. How then could we capitalize on new technologies and platforms as they are being developed to grow our business locally and overseas?

Let Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd. be your compass and navigational guide. We specialize in simplifying complex ideas for actual execution. Today online marketing in Singapore and Asia can take many forms and could be highly targeted too. Do you know it is possible on certain platforms to target bespoke ad messaging at prospective customers living or working within as small a radius as 0.62 mile (1 km) from your business locality? Less tech savvy individuals may find that strategies such as SEO, SEM and SMM can sound foreign, seem complex, and even feel overwhelming. Some may even avoid or procrastinate about investments in online marketing.

We know the first step is always most challenging. When armed with a well designed online marketing strategy, you will appreciate how simple it is for your business to profit from such growth trends. Speak to us now on extending your offline successes online.

Our Online Marketing Services

As online marketing experts, we offer a comprehensive range of internet marketing services to help you generating and convert more sales leads for your business growth by making your web pages appear higher in search results, displaying your ads when people search targeted keywords, raising brand awareness and retargeting potential customers on social networks like Facebook.

These services could include:

  • SEO Service
  • SEM Service
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Lead Generation Services

Why Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd?

All of us know this: “What’s equal is not always fair, and what’s fair is not always equal.” Similarly, no two internet marketing firms in Singapore are created equal. Give your business the unfair advantage over your competition now.

With Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd.:

  1. You always get the best value, assured with reasonable and affordable rates only;
  2. We customize and optimize solutions, complementing your current efforts to exceed business objectives;
  3. You only work with consultants who are certified in Google AdWords and by US-based world renowned Search Engine Academy.
  4. We could even extend a sales leads generation trial program to you risk free with zero upfront cost, when assessed to meet our criteria. Chat with us now to find out if your business is eligible for this zero upfront cost, risk free program.

Have a few minutes to spare? Simply call +65 8291-8088 now for a non-obligatory Online Marketing consultation or email us using the contact form on this page.

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