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Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore, Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd., is founded in 2015 by Calvin Lim, former Senior Executive Advisor with CEB – a member-based advisory company listed on NYSE. Alpha ROI specializes in various forms of online internet marketing, including:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization;
  2. CRM – Customer Relationship Management;
  3. SEM – Search Engine Marketing; and
  4. SMM – Social Media Marketing

2 Key Digital Marketing Drivers for Singapore, ASEAN and Asia

Singapore and Asia are strategically positioned to take advantage of the impending launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015 through deepening integration within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as the rising regional demand for internet access. SMEs and companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia can tap on services integration efforts amongst the 10 countries to spur synergistic growth.

According to 15 Nov 2015 data from Internet World Stats, the figures speak for itself of escalating internet access demands:

  1. 1 in 2 of both the world’s population and the world’s internet users lives in Asia.
  2. In Asia, 4 of 10 persons have internet access, while 1 of 3 uses Facebook.
  3. In Singapore, 8 of 10 persons have internet access, while 6 of 10 use Facebook.

At Singapore, the rise of mobile is here to stay in the foreseeable future. According to the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), mobile phone penetration has been rising steadily from 84.5% in 2003 to 148.0% in 2014. Meanwhile, mobile data usage has almost doubled from a monthly average of 5.33 petabytes (250 bytes) in 2Q2012 to 9.99 petabytes in 2Q2015. Additionally, IDA’s Statistics on Telecom Services for 2015 (Jan – Jun) revealed that during this period, wireless broadband population penetration rate is range-bound between 184.0% and 187.0% inclusive, while mobile population penetration rate between 148.0% and 148.6% inclusive.

Riding the Rising Waves of Mobile Internet

MNCs, companies, small medium enterprises (SMEs) and business owners alike are increasingly recognizing the importance of the Internet and mobile channels. While traditional print and mass media still has its place in Asia, it continues to be much more expensive than online channels. This resulted in many corporations adopting an omni-channel or multichannel approach to their advertising, branding, or broader sales and marketing efforts.

Alpha ROI was thus formed to fill a huge talent gap, bringing expertise in results-oriented online marketing solutions to Singapore and businesses in Asia at affordable rates. This is because professional, reliable, and competent internet marketing specialists are few and far between in this region.

Our Vision

Help businesses in Singapore and Asia derive alpha returns on investment (ROI).

Our Mission

Empower businesses in Singapore and Asia to build top of mind brand awareness, cultivate lasting client relationships, and maximize profitability through providing extraordinary value.

Alpha ROI aims to be the trusted premier SEO, CRM, and digital marketing firm in Singapore and across Asia by providing services in CRM, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing to its clients.

Our Tagline

Alpha Returns!

Our Motto

Attract ● Attend ● Acquire ● Awe.

Specifically, we help our clients through our “AAAA” approach of:

  1. Attract customers via organic and paid traffic.
  2. Attend to customers via tailored relationship management.
  3. Acquire new and repeat customer sales via omnichannel targeting and remarketing.
  4. Awe customers with thoughtful after sales service and support.

Our Approach

At Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd., we aim to foster long term partnerships with our clients to ensure sustained profitability for all parties involved. Therefore, we believe in and practice self-regulation by using only established white hat methods to boost your online presence while refining related business processes. We do so by providing valuable content, building quality links through ethical means, and optimizing both lead generation and subsequent follow-up processes.

Our founder, Calvin Lim, is both a Google AdWords certified professional and a USA Search Engine Academy trained Certified SEO Consultant. He is familiar with both Google Webmaster guidelines and its related changes. Having exposures across industries ranging from financial services to retail in several listed MNCs, he specializes in growing revenues and profitability through effective marketing and sales channel management. He also keeps abreast of evolving business, consumer and technological trends. These enable formulation of more scalable, sustainable and effective strategies for your business. Therefore, he has gotten a wealth of business experience not many can match.

Consequently, we help you delight your web visitors with superior end-to-end customer experience using bespoke content and tightening follow-up process on sales leads. These nurture customer relations, encourage repeat web visitations, and ensure long lasting results without having to chase evolving search engine algorithms repeatedly.

Why Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd.?

Alpha ROI differs from most digital marketing consultancies with our 3 key focuses.

Focus on Providing Integrated Solution across Value Chain

We adopt an integrated multichannel approach to support our clients across your customer value chain. Meanwhile, most internet marketing consultancies focus mainly on leads generation. The fact is most sales persons make the sale at the first appointment on only a small fraction of their prospect base. This means a large proportion of prospects will need to be followed up, eventually resulting on subsequent sales.

Focus on Generating More Leads

We focus on increasing your business leads in both quantity and quality, in the form of additional web visitors and sales enquiries. Meanwhile, most consultancies make claims of top rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) by focusing on a handful of long tail keywords. Some even resort to using unethical and spammy methods to fool search engines in hope of attaining better rankings. In the short term, such techniques may yield some desirable results if you are lucky. In the long term, your website could be penalized by search engines or even dropped completely from the SERPs. Furthermore, the reputation of your company, which you painstakingly built over numerous years, could also be damaged as a result.

Focus on Increasing Sales Conversions

We help you optimize your business processes to nurture sales and marketing leads through multi-channel follow-ups, prospective customers retargeting, etc. This ensures optimal eventual conversion of leads generated into actual sales revenue, thereby improving overall profitability. Most online marketing consultancies frequently neglect this aspect. In sales cycles, seasoned business owners and sales leaders alike would agree that scalable, systematic follow ups on leads can have a significant impact on conversion outcomes.

As a MBA holder with 10+ years of enabling talent driven business outcomes, Calvin is comfortable in distilling insights from various sources to translate into bespoke solutions and actionable strategies. Combining this with his superior internet and search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge, Calvin possesses a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experiences that companies can harness to help grow their businesses, both online and offline.

Ready to discover ways to tap on this rising waves of mobile internet, grow your online presence, as well as drive greater sales and profits? For results-based solutions to your CRM, SEO, SEM, social media marketing needs, simply reach out to us at our details below or via our enquiries form. We will reply to you as soon as we can to arrange a non-obligatory consultation.

Calvin Lim
Director, Founder and Business Consultant
Alpha ROI Pte. Ltd.
14, Robinson Road,
#08-01A, Far East Finance Building,
Singapore 048545
+65 8291-8088

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